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Jack Spalding

On this website, you will find a history of Jack Spalding, photographs of his family, information on ordering the Spalding Family Historical Video, a Family Database, as well as photos from the most recent reunion on the 150th anniversary of Jack Spalding's birth!

For further information on Jack Spalding and His Family, click here to download historical books, portrait and Atlanta Journal-Constitution Articles from over the years.

Click here to watch an 11-minute video on Jack Spalding's life, narrated by his grandsons and great-grandson.

Jack Johnson Spalding was born in Morganfield, Kentucky on August 29, 1856 and moved to Atlanta, GA in 1882 with his wife, Elizabeth Hughes. Among his many contributions to his adopted hometown was his founding of the Atlanta-based law firm, King & Spalding; his organizing of the 1895 Cotton Exposition and his leadership in negotations to secure ownership of Piedmont Park for the city and for the many generations of citizens who now enjoy its amenities. He was a major contributor to the building of the Cathedral of Christ the King and its adjacent Catholic school and served as the patriarch to a large family that began with the birth of his three children, Hughes, Suzanne and Jack Jr. Descendants of his children and grandchildren continue to honor his legacy to this day.

Jack Johnson Spalding raised his young family in two notable Atlanta homes, the first of which he built on the corner of 14th Street and Peachtree, (above left) then a largely rural area outside the city, but which today is the center of a vibrant Midtown Atlanta. The same property he purchased in 1892 is today, coincidentally, the home of King & Spalding's Atlanta office and international headquarters (left). He later moved his family several blocks up Peachtree to another working farm, Deerland (right), which was located on the corner of Peachtree and Collier Road, the current site of Piedmont Hospital.


Jack Spalding was the patriarch of a large family that would always gather to honor him on his birthday. The photo of Jack Spalding and his family on the left is from his 70th birthday in 1926, and was taken outside his home at Deerland. The photo on the right is Jack Spalding and his family celebrating his 80th birthday in 1936.

On August 29, 2006, many generations of Jack Spalding's family gathered at 1180 Peachtree, the current site of the King & Spalding headquarters and the former site of Jack Spalding's home, to celebrate the anniversary his 150th Birthday. In addition the descendants viewed a historical video of his life and enjoyed a presentation of "Old Jack Himself," a one-man historical performance by former King & Spalding partner Charlie Shaffer (center).

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