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Jack Spalding's 150th Birthday Celebration
August 29th, 2006

Bolling Sewell (left) and Eleanor Murray wave to the camera
Charlie Shaffer, retired King & Spalding partner, portrays Jack Johnson Spalding
Charlie has acted the role of Jack Spalding for King & Spalding events for many years.
Michael Spalding, descendent of Jack Spalding Jr., looks through
Spalding Family historical books and artifacts

From left to right: Archie Baker, Billy Schroder, Belle Voyles, Mary Elizabeth Schroder

Margie Spalding talks with John Spalding in King & Spalding's lobby at 1180 Peachtree

  Please note the historical display behind Margie and John. This award-winning display incorporates a slice of the Basswood tree planted by Jack Spalding in 1892 on the site of the current King & Spalding headquarters, 1180 Peachtree. The exhibit tells the history of the firm, family and Atlanta. For more information, click here.

Above is Jack Spalding and family celebrating his 70th birthday in 1926.

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Above are decendents of Jack Spalding celebrating his 150th birthday in 2006.


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