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Welcome to the Spalding Family searchable database! By clicking the link below you will be taken to a password protected site that will allow you to view all the recent contact information of your family members, as well as view and even edit your own contact information. The small magnifying glass icon allows you to search the database, while the cursor icon allows you to edit your information. Remember that after editing, you must click submit in order for the information to be saved. Please only edit your own information. To protect the security of our information, you will need to type in a user name, "guest" and a password. Hint: the password is the name of the Jack Spalding house where Piedmont Hospital now stands.

For more directions on how to use the database to update your contact infomation or view the contact information of others, click here. If you still can't figure it out, email us at spalding@schroderpr.com.

Click here for access to the Spalding Family database.
Click on "JackSpaldingFamily," type in the user name and password and begin your search!

To view a copy of the Spalding Family Tree, please click on the link below. Use the zoom feature to see portions of the tree up close.

Spalding Family Tree

If you'd like to print a copy of the tree, or just print a particular section of the tree, you can click on the second link provided to view the tree on multiple pages.

Printable Version of Spalding Family Tree

Please note that the Family Tree may not be fully updated. Please contact us (spalding@schroderpr.com) with births and marriages of the last ten years, and we will update the Family Tree accordingly.



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