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Schroder PR is ready and able to assist you with any crisis that may arise. Our staff is trained and has the experience to react to any situation quickly and efficiently.Below, you'll find a few case studies of our work.

In a world with a 24-hour news cycle, protecting and defending a company’s reputation rapidly with confidence, precision and accuracy is our highest priority. Striking first gives you an immediate advantage and keeps you in control of your reputation.

View the video below to see how Schroder PR helped one client who faced a crisis when WAGA-TV's Investigative team was preparing to do a story on their school. As you will see, we helped the administration prepare and deliver messaging that reduced the negative impact of the story.

In 2009, a parking deck collapse in Midtown Atlanta garnered immediate television, radio and online attention. With a client’s reputation on the line, Schroder PR President and former reporter Chris Schroder immediately went to the site to meet with the property manager (client) and the many stakeholders involved. Using his wealth of industry knowledge, Schroder worked closely with Atlanta’s reporters, making sure they were given timely, accurate and detailed information. An easily cluttered message soon became clear, and Schroder PR’s client was cleared of any wrongdoing. Thankfully no one was injured, the parking deck was repaired and the media crisis subsided.

While we prefer to work with clients to prepare communication strategies well before a crisis strikes to build proper communication strategies, Schroder PR can help in emergencies. Give us a call and we'll be there to support your team.



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