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Branding and Identity Package

The Best-Kept Secret in Hospitality Market Research

Project Overview:
Rubicon, an Atlanta-based company and leading provider of competitive market intelligence, market analysis and revenue management solutions for the global travel industry, needed a new, clear brand. The firm had been in operations for nine years but jokingly referred to itself as the “best-kept secret in hospitality market research.” Embarking on its 10th anniversary, and set to launch a number of revolutionary solutions, the firm was ready to update and promote its brand. Rubicon, formerly The Rubicon Group initially hired Schroder for a comprehensive rebranding of the company.


Schroder PR took Rubicon through the following steps in creating its new brand:

  • Audit of the current image and corporate identity
  • Develop brand fundamentals, including the brand position, promise, differentiators, personality, voice and message
  • Create the visual elements of the brand (Company and product names, logos, taglines, colors, etc.)
  • Produce a brand standards guidebook
  • Draft a strategic communications plan

Audit Findings:

The corporate identity audit revealed that many employees could not identify a succinct “brand” for the company. They also had difficulty providing a clear definition of the company and its solutions.  Rubicon has many strong differentiators that set the firm apart from other market research firms in the hospitality industry, but it was not capitalizing on those strengths in its communications.

Furthermore, Rubicon’s customers more readily identified with a subset of its premier product than with the product itself – let alone the company behind the product.

We knew we had to build a strong brand around the company and develop a product hierarchy and messaging that would support the overall brand.


Working closely with Rubicon principals, Schroder PR began to build a new brand identity based on the brand position: Transformative Insight. Rubicon’s market intelligence provides insights that transform the performance of its customers.

“Transform your performance” became the company’s new tagline and promise.

The new brand included:

  • Changing the company name from The Rubicon Group to Rubicon
  • A new company logo and tagline
  • A defined color palette for the brand
  • Product naming and logo and tagline development for four of the company’s product lines
  • Updated brand language 
  • A “brand standards” document that defined proper use of the brand
  • New marketing collateral including
    • Conference booth displays
    • Marketing kit folders
    • Marketing sheets
    • Promotional items
    • Monthly eNewsletter
  • New office collateral including:
    • Mailing labels, office forms, fax cover sheets
    • PowerPoint templates
  • A completely redesigned website (

We are happy to say that Rubicon has fully embraced its new brand, which was introduced to the entire staff in January 2009. Employees report that they more confident when asked to describe the company and its solutions. While the new website launched in June 2009 received rave reviews from staff, clients and media contacts. The public introduction of the new brand began in May 2009. Since that time we have secured 13 news articles/mentions about the organization and the key market information it provides, including a monthly byline in Lodging magazine. 


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