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Creative Media Placements

As the number of print outlets – and the space available in them – continues to shrink, Schroder PR continues to look for creative ways to get our clients placed prominently in publications.

We not only read newspapers daily, we study them. When an editor changes direction, adding new placement possibilities to a media campaign it's best to be in early and often.

In late 2008 Media Relations Coordinator Amber Rigsby was reading the Sunday edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and came across a new feature called "Pro-Con." Located on the second page of the Business section, it offered prime visibility and the opportunity to position clients as thought leaders. Two business people take a "pro" or "con" position on hot topics facing the state and nation. The healthy debate is enough room for clients to showcase their company, their brand or even a new product– while tying it in to the subject at hand.

Schroder PR jumped on the new feature, and the editors at the AJC were receptive. To date we've positioned clients in nearly 20 Sunday "Pro-Con" editions providing approximately 150 words, a headshot and the firm name. A small position with big returns for our clients.


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