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Getting Back to Our Roots.

View a short video clip of the Spalding Family Historical DVD

While doing historical work for King & Spalding, Schroder Public Relations discovered that August 29th, 2006 was the 150th birthday of Jack Johnson Spalding, the founder of King & Spalding. Schroder PR immediately approached the law firm and Spalding descendants about the idea of a historical reunion centered on the life of Jack Spalding.

Schroder PR suggested an event, a historical video and the implementation of a Web site,, to include a family history, updated family tree, photographs and interactive database. The event would be held at 1180 Peachtree, which is not only the current site of King & Spalding's headquarters, it was also the site of Jack Spalding's home from 1892-1901. The months leading up to the event involved historical research on the life of Jack Spalding and his family, as well as research on the location and achievements of his living descendents.

Program -
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In addition to the sentimental gathering of family, the evening of August 29, 2006, included a PowerPoint and video presentation on the life of Jack Spalding, including interviews from grandchildren. The evening also featured a visit from "Old Jack Himself" (Charlie Shaffer, a former King & Spalding partner who portrays the firm's founder) and the taking of a family photograph (View family photograph).

Charlie Shaffer - former King & Spalding partner, portrays Jack Spalding (View video clip)

Schroder Public Relations organized everything from the implementation of the web-hosted family database, which allows family members to input their contact information and any additional news into a password protected Web program, to the organization of the historical event.



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