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Brad Cunard: Citywide P.R. for Neighborhood Playground

When the Virginia-Highland neighborhood wanted to build a playground to honor the tragic death of three neighbors killed by a fallen tree, they called Schroder PR to handle media relations and assist with fundraising.

Schroder PR produced press releases, coordinated media coverage of a restaurant benefit night, organized press conferences during the final phase of the fundraising campaign and promoted coverage of the neighborhood build day. We suggested that the surviving father and husband, Brad Cunard, provide an interview to one radio station three days before the build day and speak to TV reporters at a press conference. We guided Brad through the process. In two days, we not only guided Brad through an extended 2 hours and 15 minute interview and fundraiser on radio station Q100 that netted $60,000 in donations from Atlanta residents, but also shepherded him through interviews with all four Atlanta TV stations as well as a live in-studio guest appearance on CNN.

In all, the committee raised $30,000 more than its ambitious $135,000 goal, installed the playground with more than 250 volunteers who showed up to work at John Howell Park on Saturday, November 15 and received media coverage from all local newspapers

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